Investments is one of the nations largest and most trusted signing solution companies with experience in managing over 1 million notary signings for major banks, title companies, closing agents and loan servicers. Technology driven and customer focused, offers the industry leading software, signStat™, which is a unique and proprietary application designed specifically to speed the document signing process while providing unmatched document security in an electronic format.


twtMob twtMob is a technology and marketing platform that connects brands with influential members of social networks who are rewarded for sending branded messages to their audiences on social networks like Twitter, Facebook, Myspace and more. twtMob utilizes its pricing algorithm and matching data to value influencers online, giving each individual a dynamic “stock price” that adjusts based on their performance, as well as determine the best advocates to promote specific brands. Currently reaching more than 100 million impressions a day, twtMob provides brands with the first scalable way to run cost-effective word-of-mouth marketing while recognizing and rewarding social media influencers for simply talking about things they believe in.


BHV BHV works with transformational technologies that disrupt an established business model. BHV’s primary focus is where media and entertainment companies (content distribution hubs) impact consumers and their rapidly evolving tech-enhanced lifestyle. BHV’s secondary focus is content creation. By analyzing consumer behavior through proprietary technology platforms, BHV understands the challenges brands have connecting and communicating with their increasingly fragmented and unfocused audience. At this intersection, BHV leverages operational experience and strategic relationships to aggregate audience and/or monetization. To add scale for our companies in other critical business functions (marketing, creative services, etc), BHV relies on leveraging established strategic partners to provide a full complement of New Media solutions. Finally, when the combination of the entrepreneur, technology and BHV’s experience presents the right opportunity, BHV will invest proprietary capital.


fliptu Fliptu is a virtual flipboard & social catalog connecting fans to their favorites in music, sports, entertainment & brands through rich media sharing and exclusive offers.


linkstorm Linkstorm’s value proposition is that by making ads more useful to the customer, Linkstorm improves ad performance for the advertiser. Overlaying a Linkstorm navigation menu onto any ad causes click-through and conversion rates to increase anywhere from 2x-17x, as documented in numerous rigorous case studies. is the first asset exchange platform where Investors, Lenders and Individuals can purchase and sell real estate assets through our Auction or Self-Listed portals. The company markets residential, commercial and land assets including performing and non-performing Notes and Properties.



NIA Fund I Newport Investment Associates Fund I, LLC is a closed fund that purchases non-performing residential real estate notes as well as residential REO assets throughout the country.


NIA_fund2 Newport Investment Associates Fund II, LLC is a closed fund that purchases residential real estate in specific geographic locations using a rent to hold philosophy.



DB Sports Investments is a boutique sports memorabilia company which sells unique, high end sports memorabilia to its investor clients. Memorabilia items include rare cards, balls, jerseys, photos, bats, and autographed pieces.